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Relocation Concierge for Employers
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Relocation Concierge for Employers 

Impress your select interviewees by including a FREE real estate tour, a FREE private consultation at our office or a FREE Midland Relocation Package as part of their interview itinerary. We are REALTORS with expertise and experience in promoting and selling this great town.

Your prospective employees can receive FREE:
  1. A one hour personal tour of the high points of our community
    • Viewing neighborhoods at various price points
    • Tidbits and history about Midland
  2. A consultation at our office to review the real estate market A one inch binder to take home full of pamphlets, flyers and information about our community highlighting the many great assets Midland has to offer
  3. A one inch binder to take home full of pamphlets, flyers and information about our community highlighting the many great assets Midland has to offer
  4. Specific requests (i.e. school tours, etc.) can be scheduled
No company is too big or too small and there is no charge for this service. Give us a call today at 989-832-0090 Carol Moore Miller and Dave Miller

Condo Guide 

Where do you begin?
Let Carol and Dave help you find the perfect condo and guide you through the purchasing process. They are aware of everything available in your price range and can also advise you of the market value of your present home if applicable. Let Carol and Dave take care of all the details for you so you can focus on find the perfect condo!

This pamphlet briefly describes Midland’s condos and their bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, style, year built, condo fee and 2005/2006 price ranges. This is the best piece of printed material available to get you started toward condo living. Call Carol or Dave today!

What do I do?
To find out what your condo is worth and how to best market it, is where Carol and Dave can assist you. They know what your competition is, values for new and existing condos and have buyers looking specifically for condo living. This pamphlet will give you initial information for the sale of your condo. Call Carol or Dave today!

Estate and Divorce Appraisals 

Dave has been licensed in the State of Michigan since 1992 as a Limited Real Estate Appraiser for the purposes of divorce and estate appraisals for the court system. He is familiar with the legal system and is highly respected by all the attorneys and judges in Midland County. His expertise and fairness in appraising properties serves as the voice of reason during these difficult times. Clients often call on Dave to be their REALTOR to sell their home or to purchase a new one.

Trade-In Plan  

"Need to sell your home before you can buy another?"

Carol and Dave are uniquely qualified to work with homeowners who are upgrading.  Their creativity and knowledge can “make it happen” through several options ranging from offering a buy-out on your home to mortgage payment splits.  After examining each situation, they will go over appropriate options.  Don’t let this hold you back – contact them today!

Vacant House Checks

Be comforted to know we check your listed vacant home once a week to make certain that doors and windows are locked, temperature is appropriate, exterior maintenance is done and ensuring your home is “showing ready.”

  Dave Miller and Carol Moore Miller, Assistant
RE/MAX of Midland
5915 Eastman Rd., Suite 200
Midland, MI  48640
Phone: 989-832-0090            Toll Free: 800-311-7997
Residence: 989-631-4748     Fax: 989-837-0504
www.DaveMiller.com             www.Carolmm.com